InvaderZIM - Episode 1 - The Nightmare Begins part 1

InvaderZIM - Episode 1 - The Nightmare Begins part 1

Invader Zim: Nightmare Begins


Gender: Male

Type: Irken

Lives: Irk

Name: Zim


Its started  Doom 1 with Zim who distoryed a little bit of Irk his home planet. The Tallest banish Zim to Foorcourtia. FryLord had Zim there to work for him for a few years like 50 or 60 years. Zim found out the Tallest doing Doom 2. He barjed in and he was pleading the Tallest to let him be an Invader once again. They tricked him to going on a secret mission to Earth. The Red Tallest went in the garbage & there was on old robot in there, the Purple Tallest had lint, pennies, & a paperclip he took out of his pocket & put in the robots head, the robot started to do stpid things, he started banging his head with his hands & making weird sounds. Then the robot start jump on its head on the ground up-side-down. (The robot names is GIR).

Zim and GIR went in Zim`s ship, GIr started to sing a doom song for 6 Munths stright, & it took them to get to Earth for 6 Munths. Zim looked like he was going to choke GIR, but then he started to make a house, & Zim and GIR had discises, Zim had black hair & eye lens over his eyes (Conntacts or something). GUR was a dog.

Gir was a dog that was green & black. Zim contacted the Tallest after his house was made. Zim was lettiing the Tallest know he was still alive. The Tallest did not tell Zim that they did not wanted Zim to die and never come back agaim. Zim went to skool, there was a kid named Dib was calling Zim an alien. Everybody in the class was calling Dib crazy, then skool was over, Zim ran out of the room. Dib leaped in front of Zim and started chasing Zim with handcufs. Zim started jumping onto cars when Dib was chasing him. Zim finallly got to his house & Dib was telling him that he is going to get Zim one day & he will be a famous Paranormal Investigater. Zim felt well on how his day went. He contacted  the Tallest again and told him how stupid the Humans ca be on Earth.