I made this wiki so it would be fun, and... I'm starting to think its failing already. 

If there is anyway to make this wiki better, let me know.

I'll even put a page on here for someone of a chactater you like, love, favorite, or anything. I'll do it.

If you noticed someone did something bad, in-a-pro-pre-ate, thretenting, let me know, and also give me there name.

I'll even try to do more with this wiki, if I can`t think of anything to do for this wiki then..... I might take it down or just not come on this wiki anymore.

I hope you know, if anyone wants to comment or chat with me, let me know.

If you have Steam for the computer for like TeamFortess2, let me give you my name.

Look up Brandon Salas or Da Kurlzz and go to there friends list and I'll be in there, St0rmBinger007, but my name is spelt wierd so hope you find me.

My profile picture has Dib Membrane from Invader Zim, and it has St0rmBinger007 on it..

If there is anything wrong or miss spelling, let me know and I'll change it.

Thank You. ^ u ^