Cut out Roxas

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Name: Roxas

Age: 13

Type: Nobody

Gender: Male


Roxas was acused for being a stealing from shops, and  Roxas & his friends were looking for for the person who did, its was a Nobody (There are different Nobodies, human Nobodies and creature Nobody, and the creature) when Time sometimes stopped and Axel Number 8 would be there & Roxas and Azel would be talking, & Axel would try to make him remember the things they did together, &  then once again Axel stopped time & Roxas was confused and then Roxas said, "We`re best friends, Right?" Axel Was surprised, "You Remeber?!" Roxas was still confused, "Some of it." Axel was shocked with sadness, he turned around and walked away while fading away.

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