The stoy of Roxel

The 1st Day

I was walking on the sides of the street. I kept reading the street signs as I walked passed them “Moonlight Station” another said “Welcome to Nighttime Nook” yes this is where I live Nighttime Nook. This cursed town has no day…but once a year the sun shows itself. “Hay Roxel!” shouted Arvix. “Hay” I mumbled back. “Summer is almost over can you believe it!” proclaimed Arvix. “Already? Wow time sure flies when you do nothing” I said in a saddened tone. My friends; Arvix, Ōlatax, and Ming-ting think I have some sort of depression disorder but I laugh at the idea of it. My excuse for being depressed all the time is because I have no parents. You try living a life with no parents…no one to tell “Hay look I got an ‘A’ on my report” or “Hay look what I can do!” See I have no one to say that to. And I know what you’re thinking and no I am not saying that kind of stuff to my friends. First things first they would think I am nuttier than usual and the second thing my friends wouldn’t be interested in my sob stories.
“Hay wanna go to the arcade later?” asked Ōlatax. “Yeah sure” I answered. “I can’t yet I gotta get some homework done, so I might be late” said Ming-ting. “I’ll be there” said Arvix. “Okay see ya’ later guys!” I shouted as I walked on to our spot in the Moonlit Alley. Then I walked to the old hunted mansion past the desert sands. I climbed up the metal pole gates and climbed down them as well. I loved the old ‘hunted’ mansion it was place where I could be alone and feel at peace. Until the day the thief came. He or it I couldn’t tell the being’s sex male? Female? He-she? She-he? Who knows! The thief first appeared itself in the Black Room of the Old Hunted mansion. He ran towards me and grabbed my ________. For some reason I couldn’t utter a sound of the word I was trying to say. “Hay you can’t take my ________” I yelled at the thief. “What? Hay gimme back my ________!” I yelled again. “Why can’t I say ________?” The thief ran away all I could see of him was the tail end of his white robes. I looked at my watch and saw the time “The arcade!” and I ran my little ass back to town and then to the arcade.
“Hay guys sorry I’m late” I said to them as their eyes were glued to the video games. “No prob” said Ming-ting. “Yeah we figured that you’d be late anyway” said Arvix. “Oh guys stop teasing him…it’s okay Roxel we understand…right guys?” said Ōlatax. “Yeah…sure…whatever” answered Ming-ting and Arvix simultaneously. “Here’s about 200 munny to get you started on the games” said Ōlatax. As we played are games I couldn’t help but think of that man who stole the ________. Hell I couldn’t even tell my friends what was stolen for because I couldn’t say the damn word! “Hay Roxel do you still have your ________?” asked Ming-ting. “So you can’t say the word either!” I said feeling glad that I wasn’t the only one. Arvix looked at me as if I were smoking crack-cocaine! “Have you been playn’ with fire lately Roxel? ‘Cause you’re actin’ kinda funny” Arvix inquired. “No…I told you guys I’ve been tryin’ to give up the whole pyromaniac thing” I answered. “Well anyway I saw the guy who’s steelin’ everyone’s ________” “Did you see his face?” asked Ōlatax. “No…but he was dressed in all white” I answered. “Awe what a shame” sighed Ming-ting. “So all we have as a lead is a guy dressed in all white, and this guy is going around town steelin’ everyone’s _______ and the word _______ as well” said Arvix with a puzzled look on his face. “So…what do we do now?” asked Ming-ting. “Well we could track the perpetrator and bring him to justice!” cried Ōlatax. “That just sounds really cheesy” I answered with a devilish smirk. “Okay It’s settled then… tomorrow we will go to Cheshire’s Hill and interview people about the thief who’s been steelin’ everyone’s ________ around Nighttime Nook!” cheered Arvix. “Agreed?” he asked. “Agreed” Ming-ting, Ōlatax, and I answered.

The 2nd Day

The next day we set out for the Cheshire’s Hill. There we; as the Chinese say we ‘divided and conquered’. We all agreed; Arvix would handle the Moonlight Terrace, Ming-ting would deal with the Market Street, Ōlatax would hold down the Sandlot and I would handle the back alleys where all the gangs hang around…oh lucky me. As it wasn’t enough for me to have emotional problems now I half to deal with nasty, ugly, smelly, and downright vice gangs!
Don’t I just sound happy to do all this in the matter of one day? “Hay you guys call yourself the ‘The Wanna be Daytimers’…right” I asked a group of guys loafing around the Moonlit Alleys. “Yeah so whatda you want!” one shouted back at me. “Sorry I was wondering if any of you guys have had your ________ stolen”
“Yeah just the other day some guy in white tackled me and stole my________” another Wanna be Daytimer said. “Well did you see his face?” I asked him. “No…but he did have a sitar though if that helps” the Wanna be Daytimer answered. “Hay kid!” another Wanna be Daytimer yelled back at me. “Yeah” I answered. “Why are askin’ questions ‘bout the thief who’s been steelin’ everyone’s ________?” he asked. “Because I had my _______ stolen and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else” I answered. “That’s kinda cheesy ain’t it?” he asked again. I waved goodbye “That’s the same thing I said…cheesy” I whispered. It was getting late…don’t how I know it’s getting late if I live in a town of perpetual night…I just do. Well Ōlatax, Ming-ting, and Arvix were already at Cheshire Hill waiting for me. “Hay guys…so what did we find about the mysterious man in white?” I asked them. “I found out that the perpetrator only steels from people that have a _______” said Ming-ting. “Well done dodo brain” Arvix said in a sarcastic tone. “Whatda you find Roxel?” Ōlatax’s pretty diamond eyes looked up at me…he was so beautiful. I spaced off into his eyes “Oh…um…err” I snapped out of my trance. “I found that the thief in white carries a sitar around with him” I answered Ōlatax. “Interesting” he said in a tone like none other. “Well I found the best clue of all…the thief likes to hang around water!” yelled Arvix. “So maybe we can hang around the Moon Pool Lake we’ll sure to find him” said Ōlatax. Ming-ting, she was just drifting off into space as we came up with a plan to catch the man in white. “Ming-ting you payin’ attention?” Ōatax shouted in her ear. “Wha…yeah I think…whatda we talking about?” asked Ming-ting. “Never mind” I told her. “Okay then” she answered. Ōlatax and I just shook your heads. “So let’s hurry our asses over there and catch that thief!” shouted Arvix. ”Um!!!” Ōlatax and I responded. We all left Ming-ting to wither away in her dreamland.
We all headed out for the Moon Pool Lake. The skies were clear not a cloud in sight but once we reached the Moon Pool Lake it spontaneously started raining. And there we saw him the man white. Playing his sitar to his heart’s content. The most awkward thing about this guy was that when he stopped playing the sitar it stopped raining. He played the sitar again it started raining again. “Hay you!” I shouted. The man in white let out a girlish scream. Arvix was the fastest runner out of us so he ran ahead of Ōlatax and me which was fine. Ōlatax and I were still running trying to catch up to Arvix. Ōlatax soon ran passed me. I started to catch up to Ōlatax and I ‘accidently’ tackled him. We rolled down the hill and for some reason I felt happy and excited. We began to wrestle; Ōlatax and I were seeing who could pin who first. Regrettably I let Ōlatax pin me down. We just lay there Ōlatax just held me down quite forcefully I might add. The moon was reflecting off the lake behind us and after some time passed Ōlatax just brought his face down close to mine and soothingly kissed me on the cheek and then my neck then he kissed me in the most delicate way possible on my quivering cold lips. We saw Arvix running back in the distance so Ōlatax let me off the ground. “Hay guys look I got the portable CD players back” Arvix announced with pride like no other man. “Hay you said CD player” said Ōlatax. “Well we better go saw how Ming-ting is doing” I said. “Yeah…I wonder if she’s still looking off into space!” said Arvix.
We all headed back to our spot in the Moonlit Alley and we caught Ming-ting doing the most hilarious thing. She was making-out with another girl from school! Awe…it was so humorous once we all walked in on her and this random girl from school they stopped and Ming-ting’s exact words were “Oh hi guys I didn’t inspect you to be back so soon”. “Anwen is that you?” I asked. And she ran out the door embarrassed as hell! We sat back and had a tremendously good laugh.

The 3rd Day

I awoke in the morning to find Ōlatax’s arms wrapped around my midsection. I knew we didn’t do anything because I didn’t like him or like sex for that matter. On the other hand someone ran out of the alley just as woke up and Ming-ting was already up and widely awake. And not to mention she smelt kind of strange. “So who just ran out the door?” I asked her. “Oh no one” she answered I could tell that she wasn’t telling the truth because besides the fact that she smelt weird her hair wasn’t the usual bed head it was more like a sex head. “So did Arvix catch the thief?” Ming-ting asked. “No he just stole back all the CD players” I answered. “Oh I’m going to go out on a walk” Ming-ting announced in an anxious tone. “Okay I’ll tell everyone you’re out then” I called out to her before she left. “See you guys later!” she yelled back to me. I followed with the response of “Ditto”.
I heard the patter of little footsteps in the other room. “Pie-pie is that you?” I called out to him. I got no response so I got a heart out of the ice box. And two seconds later here comes little Pie-pie. “Oh that a good boy” I said in a babyish voice. It’s could of funny the best kind of snack for a pet Heartless is a heart or sea salt ice cream. “You’re a good little heartless yes you are…yes you are” I said again in a babyish tone of voice.
Later than sooner Arvix got up and out of bed and asked were Ming-ting was. Warning to everyone out there never, NEVER ever tick off Arvix in the mornings you will be lucky to live! “She went out for a walk” I answered. “Do you know were exactly she was going?” he asked. “No she just told me that she was going out for awhile” I answered his question again. “Fine if you’re going to act like an ass hole I’m going out!” I shouted. I stormed out of the alley and walked around town. First I went to the Sandlot and then I was wondering around Market Street.
As I was walking I was thinking to myself. I was wondering if I should or shouldn’t pursue this little thing with Ōlatax. I mean the last thing I want to become is some guys bitch. I just have no idea what I should do or shouldn’t for that matter. People kept looking at me went I was saying out loud to myself “No…Yes…No…Yes...NOOOOOOO!!! It just too complicated!” I yelled to the heavens while people stared. As I turned the corner and saw Ming-ting and her lady friend going at it I just shook my head and walked on. God just look at them they have no problem with it they just hide it from anyone and everyone or at least try to. But that is the problem I face I don’t want to hide it from everyone else. I want it to be out and in the open. Oh how could I ever tell him? I walked on through the alley thinking to myself.
AH but even thinking to myself was troublesome in the first place. So many voices and so possibilities of what I could say him…Ah but what!
I went on and on through Market Street and the Sandlot. People were buying things in the Market Street and others were struggling in the Sandlot. Sooner than I wanted him to Arvix found wondering by the Sandlot. “Hay” he yelled at me. “What in the hell do you want!” I said and a pissed off tone.
“I’m so glad I found you here…I need to ask you something” he said while it seemed he was breathing his last breath away. “What do you want then?” I asked still perturbed from this morning. “We both need to enter the Struggle Tournament the day after tomorrow so we all can go to the beach on the next day after that” Arvix said while he was still more heavily panting. “Fine” I reluctantly agreed. “The day after tomorrow” I said. “See ya there”

The 4th Day

I awoke the next morning with no clothes on, my arms around Ōlatax’s waste and this time I did smell like him. “My god what did we do!?” I shouted. Apparently my shouting woke up Ōlatax. “Buenos días, muchacho atracivo” Ōlatax said with an awkwardly attractive smile. “Buenos días yourself” I said with a smirk. “¿Le irritan conmigo? ¿Hice algo mal?” he asked in even more attractive tone of voice. “Would you stop talking in Spanish we’re not in school yet!” I yelled at him angrily. “Yo no comprendo inglés” he said in a deep and quite attractive tone. “Fine… ¡Usted pararía el hablar en español que no estamos en escuela todavía!” I shouted at him. “¿Por qué no? El español es una lengua hermosa” he answered looking up at me with those ‘fuck me again’ eyes. I in my response gave him another smirk. “Well someone seems pissed this morning!” said Ōlatax while he was looking at me with his dark emerald eyes. I turned around and punched him in the face. Ōlatax looked at me, I could read his face like a book it was saying “What in the hell did I do!?” His blank face of shock turned into a face of anger. I ran in fear and Ōlatax ran after me. Off we went running naked through the back alleys of Nighttime Nook. Somehow I felt exhilarated like I was the prey and Ōlatax was my hunter. “Come back here!” Ōlatax shouted at me. “Try to catch me” I answered. As the time flew by I realized that I started to get slower, cruse my endurance. Ōlatax finally caught up to me. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to my knees. He was still pulled my hair, I was screaming in pain. I leaned down and Ōlatax’s favorite male appendage fell into my mouth. Ōlatax looked down at me and I looked up at him, I smiled and bit down. He cocked in jaw and looked towards in the heavens of eternal night, the stars were like little diamonds imbedded in a navy blue gown. He let out a sigh of pleasure, He pulled on my hair with more and more force I to let out a moan. We heard someone coming, my mouth soon became empty and Ōlatax grabbed me by the arm and again we went running through the back alleys. I let go of his arm, “I can’t go on…I’m too tired” I said while trying to catch my breath. “Here” Ōlatax kneeled down to his knees “Hop on”. I looked at him in shock “You’re not giving me a piggy-back ride” I said in a tone of irritability. “Just hop on!!!” he shouted at me. “Fine” and I lamentably get on Ōlatax’s back he ran looking for a place where we could be alone together. Ōlatax ran into the old abandon underground tunnels. This was great for us because the only use the tunnels had was for young couples to make-out and have sex. Which I was afraid we were going do…again. He ran as fast as he could with me on his back and somehow I felt this erotic sensation running through my veins. He stopped threw me off his back and onto the wall, then he punched me right in the face. His face of anger looked at me; I could see the fire in his eyes. Ōlatax he just stand there looking at me in anger he ran towards me and kissed my lips. He forced my arms against the wall he continued to kiss me tenderly all up and down my body. Ōlatax pushed me to my knees and stuck his favorite male appendage into my mouth I felt like I was gagging. I stopped and started to kiss him more softly than he did me. Ōlatax, he pushed back onto the wall and I let him have his way with me. I have become the thing I did not want to become “some guy’s bitch.” After Ōlatax was finished with me we walked to Moonlight Hill. We just lay there on the hill, my head on top of Ōlatax’s toned arm. I was rubbing his chest and stomach with my soft hands. Occasionally I would look up at him and kiss his chest. Later than I wanted him to he sat up and held me in his arms rubbing my back and chest. I noticed Turtle Doves flying in the sky. I faintly heard the words “I love you” for Ōlatax’s charming soft lips and honey tasting tongue. “Do you mean that?” I whispered back to him. I heard no answer I looked up at his face…he looked like an angel. He was so beautiful his skin as soft as silk. We finally walked back to our spot in the Moonlit Alleys, and we held hands the whole way. From that day onward we had our favorite spot where Ōlatax and I could be alone as long has pleased…forever if we wanted to. I shall never forget this day, the day I lost my virginity…

The 5th Day

Well today was the day of the Struggle Tournament. I really didn’t want to go. “C’mon very one up and at it!” Arvix yelled in my room. Arvix walked in on Ōlatax and me rubbing each other’s stomachs and giving each other a good morning kiss. “No time for kissing your new boyfriend Roxel c’mon get your ass out of bed!” Arvix shouted again. Ōlatax ran up behind Arvix and punched him in the back. “No one talks to Roxel that way!” “GOD! Ōlatax!” Arvix yelled. “Never talk to Roxel that way again!!!” Ōlatax yelled right in Arvix’s face. Arvix whipped the spit off his face. “ENOUGH!!!” I yelled, and I grabbed my clothes put them as fast as I could and ran out the door. “Roxel, man c’mon I didn’t mean to…” Ōlatax said in a soft tone. I kept on running I looked back to find Ōlatax just looking at me as I ran. He didn’t even try to run after me, I felt so ashamed of myself for flipping out like that, but at the same time I was pissed at Ōlatax for not coming after me. Somehow someway Arvix knew where I was going and ran ahead of me. “Hey you!” he called after me. “Hey” “WHAT!!!” I yelled back at him. “Sorry I came to take you to the Struggle Tournament” he said softly. “Fine it’s at the Sandlot right?” I answered him gloomily. “Yeah it starts at 6:00” he called back “See ya’ there” I answered. I went to the spot where it happened. I wasn’t surprised to find Ōlatax there waiting for me. “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked him as he looked at me like I had no clothes on. “I just thought I’d find you here” he answered in a tone like none other. “Well stop looking at me like that” I snapped at him. “Look at you like what?” he said in shock. “You know…like I have no clothes on!” I snapped again. “Now why would I be looking at you like that when I’ve already seen what’s under them?” he said while smiling at me. I leaned over to him and kissed his silky soft lips. “Oh…so now you forgive me?” Ōlatax said in a joking tone. Before I knew it I was kissing his neck. I lifted up his shirt and started kissing his finely toned stomach and pecks. The sound of the un-zip of Ōlatax’s pants echoed through the tunnels. Sooner than I wanted 6:00 to come…but alas it came and so did Ōlatax. I went to the Sandlot it seemed as if everyone in Nighttime Nook was there. “Tonight Roxel and Arvix will be struggling…oh friend against friend, sorry boys!” announced the prompter. Arvix and I took our positions I saw Ōlatax out of the corner of my eye cheering me on. “Go!” yelled the prompter and Arvix and I went at it beating each other with our clubs. I was on the verge of winning and all of a sudden everything froze and I halted my attack. A flash of black light came about and there before me stood the thief with his white robes and sitar. “Come with me if you want to live” the thief said in a deep German accent. Then he started laughing. “Who in the hell are you?” I asked. The thief took off his hood…“I’m a friend of your fathers” he told me. “Wha-what?” I said in shock. “Demyx is the name…don’t say it too often kid got it?” “Yeah” I answered. “Good” Demyx said in a tone of relief. “So what do you know of my father and mother?” I asked him. “You mean your father and father…what I meant when I said ‘I’m a friend of your fathers’ that’s fathers as in plural as in more than one…you never had a mother” Demyx was acting like I knew nothing. “What do you mean I was adopted by two gay guys?” I asked. “No! You were created by the hearts of two men…former members of Organization XIII…your father“s” were Roxas Number XIII and Axel Number VIII, they both died creating you. After your father Axel was killed by a horde of dusk and after Kingdom Hearts was closed again your other father Roxas found his heart in the darkness of the World that Never Was Roxas sacrificed his own heart and thus amalgamated it with Axel’s thus creating…you” Demyx just looked at me. “What? No! That never happened that’s not possible!” I yelled at Demyx. “Oh but it is my friend it is…” he chuckled. “Well then you have a match to win...don’t you? Now get back where you were and let’s continue the Struggle Tournament!” I got back in position everything unfroze and Demyx was no were to be found. Just to let you know I won the tournament…

The 6th Day

The next day I was rewarded with the thirteen crystal trophy. I gave to Arvix as a peace offering. He seemed pleased…I think. I was board out of my mind so Ōlatax and I decided to go for a walk. We went passed the desert sand and walked around and eventually into the Old Mansion. We walk around inside the mansion and found nothing but old dust and spider webs. “Hey let’s go into the Black room” I said in a creepy voice trying to scare Ōlatax. “I don’t think that a good idea” he said nervously. “What are you scared?” I asked him. “No I just think it’s a bad idea” Ōlatax said trying to act dominate for my well being.
“You know its okay to cry right Ōlatax?” I asked. “Well yes I know that…just not in front of you” he answered. “What? You don’t have to act dominate for me to be attracted to you” I said. “I know…I just like being the dominate one” he said with a smile. “Oh really” I said while punching him in his rock hard stomach. “Oh! I forgot how toned your stomach was” I said just to get him sexually aroused. “Yeah I keep it nice and rock hard just for you man” he said while rubbing my stomach. We finally walked into the Black Room and I sat Ōlatax down on a sofa. I took off his shirt delicately kissed his chest and nipples. Ōlatax soon took off my small jacket and shirt aggressively. He kissed me and bit my bottom lip. Ōlatax then threw me off of him and on to the floor. While he was kissing me in places that probably shouldn’t be named I had the weirdest feeling that someone was watching us…someone that I knew. I looked up and saw I woman dressed in all white just like Demyx. “Who the hell are you?” I shouted. “What babe?” Ōlatax asked me while he came up off me. “What the hell? Who is this chick!?” Ōlatax howled. Ōlatax and I got back up on the sofa. The girl in white gave us a blanket to share. As Ōlatax could stop kissing my neck, chest and stomach I tried to ignore him while the girl took off her hood to reveal her face. She was young about 18 to 19 years old. Her hair was blacker than black. Her eyes were like sparkling sapphires shimmering in the sunlight. Her skin was white as the clouds in the daytime sky. “Hello son” she said to me. “Wha-what? No I had no mother…” I told blatantly. “That is true you were born of two hearts…one of Axel’s…the other Roxas’ I am your adoptive mother” the girl in white said to me with a frail high pitched voice. “Well what’s your name?” I asked her while Ōlatax still kissing my body his head now vanished beneath the blanket. “Xion” she answered. “So…mom?…what story do you have to tell to me?” I asked. “I do not have a story to tell you…I just wanted to see the boy who called my mommy for the first years of his life” answered Xion. Xion turned her head to let Ōlatax and I finish the pleasures that we started in the Black room.
We later returned to the Moonlit Alleys with my step-mother Xion. “Hey who’s this chunk of sweetness?” asked Arvix. “My step-mother!” I answered for her. “Oh…well what is name cutie?” Arvix knelt down to kiss her hand. “French bastard” I whispered in his direction. “Xion” she answered. “Awe what I beautiful name for one sexy mama” Arvix said with a grin. Xion blushed. “Thank kind sir…and what is your name?” Xion asked. “Oh you mean you never heard of the great Arvix?” he was boasting. “So you doin’ anything tonight?” Arvix asked Xion. “ARVIX!!!” I yelled at him in a pissed tine. “What? So your step-mom is a total babe…that doesn’t mean I can’t date her…or bang her” Arvix said like it was no big deal but it was an immense deal for me. “Shut that hole in your gigantic fat face!!!” I shouted at him once more. “Oh so what are you going to do about this?” Arvix leaned over to Xion and French kissed her. “So babe was that enjoyable or what?” asked Arvix. “It was a mistake!” I ran to Arvix my arms swinging in fury. “BASTRAD!!!” I yelled. Ōlatax tried to hold me back which of course he did but not without me giving Arvix a black broken wrist and bloody nose. “Roxel how could you!?” Xion yelled. “But I was only…” “Only defending me? I don’t need you to defend me Roxel I’m your step-mother I am to defend and protect you not the other way around!” Xion’s words hit my sole like daggers. I ran to my room tears flowing like water falls out of my eyes. “Go tend to your bitch” Xion yelled to Ōlatax. Ōlatax soon followed me into my room. He kissed me to comfort me but nothing helped. I fell asleep in Ōlatax’s arms that night.

The 7th Day

I woke up in Ōlatax’s arms naked of course…I walked my naked ass out of room and into the kitchen where I found Arvix fucking my step-mother on our dining table! I screamed and ran out of the shack. And then I realized something I’m out in public with no clothes on; this could end in my humiliation. I ran back inside the shack.
Luckily Xion and Arvix had their clothes on by the time I came back in the shack. “I’m sorry Roxel my emotions overcame me…” Xion said this like it was okay for me to walk in on her screwing someone else’s brains out. “Don’t apologize babe, we were just doing what is natural and what God intended sexual intercourse to be…between a man and woman” Arvix looked at with disgust.
At this point Ōlatax walked in just in time to hear Arvix’s rude remark. Needless to say Ōlatax flipped out and started punching the hell out of Arvix. Arvix came at me with fists swinging. I put my hands up to block his punches at that moment a flash of light a blade no a key appeared in my hands. It was red at the tip of the key or is it a blade? There was a circle with five sharp spokes pointing out of it. “Keyblade” I heard a voice that awkwardly sounded familiar. “What?” I asked the voice. “It’s a Keyblade the weapon you hold, that’s what it’s called…got it memorized?”
“What in the hell do I do with it?” I asked the voice again. “Defeat your enemies, duh…got it memorized?” the voice said. “Voice what is your name?” I asked speaking only in questions. “That I can’t tell you” “Why?” I asked again. “I forgot it kid okay” the voice answered. “Does the Keyblade have a name?” I asked. “God kid you have a lot of questions…let’s called our ‘bond of flame’…got it memorized?” the voice answered my question with a tone of irritability. “Hey kid you wanna know my name? Well it’s…____ okay…got it memorized?” “Yeah” I answered in a joking tone. I came out of the trance I was in. Xion looked at me in awe. “How did you get that?” she asked. “____ gave to me” I answered. “Your father…” she said softly. “Yeah…I know” I said with a smile. Arvix still wanting a fight attacked me. I stroked him with the Keyblade my father gave me. Arvix lay there dead, blood gushing from his nose and oozing from his neck. “What have I done!?” I exclaimed. Ōlatax grabbed me and we ran out the door, where we were going I didn’t know. Nor did I care I just killed a man! “What a lovely Saturday we’re having aren’t we?” Ōlatax said with sarcastic tone. He took us to the Old Hunted Mansion where we would sit in the balcony and wait for the day of ephemeral sun. We just sat there holding one another’s hands tight to our thighs. I looked at what my father gave me the Keyblade. “What shall we call this then?” Ōlatax asked. “Let’s just call this Our Bond of Flame” I told him.
As the sun was coming up and the day of ephemeral sun began Ōlatax looked at me with his sweet emerald eyes. He leaned over to my ear and whispered in the softest tone “I love you…” I set the Keyblade aside. Ōlatax gently laid me down he softly kiss my stomach and then up to my chest and my neck. Last he kissed my lips…his mouth tasted like milk and honey. I put my arms around him and rubbed his back. We spent the entire day together…until the police authorities came to take their murderer the prison. “No Roxel they can’t…I’ll protect you” Ōlatax said in a panicking tone. “You have protected me long enough Ōlatax” I leaned over to his ear and whispered “I love you to…” and then I walked to gallows and to my death.