Shugo Chara- Hero04:26

Shugo Chara- Hero

This is a song about Rachels Challange


Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II

Have fan-art and you want to add it, add it.


  • No copying things that are not yours.
  • No saying that someone sstole your art I will firgure that out myself..
  • Please no in-a-pro-pre-ate drawings or digital art or other things.  
  • Please, keep this Wikia clean.
  • Also if it fan-art someone elses from a video game, cartoon, anime, please put what their name is and what show or game they are from.

Make sure its you`re fan-artEdit

Make sure that your not copying anyones elses fan-art, if you do I will do something about. Also remember I will be making sure people are doing the right thibg like the rules.

Post you`re fan-art in the comments.

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