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Emo SpongBob Sqarepants

Emo Bob was made by other people not me and I was thinking I coulde put him on here.

Emo Bob would say thing like, "Pain, without love, Pain, can`t get enogh, Pain, I like it rough, Pian,  I rather feel pain than nothing at all."

Emo Bob has some problems like, says things about himself, he does not like himself, he does thing to his wrists, & himself, sometimes he does he lays down in the middle of the drive way and pertends he is driving a race car.

There is also another side to him, he does notlive on his own, he lives with his parents & he does not even know Packtrik or Squidward. He lies down on his bed in his room & thinks about life with its reasons and ways, he thinks why does he evem born. Other kids in school thinks he is weird, creepy, & stupid. Some of that is the reason why does not want to be alive wish he was never born.

Awesome and Weird StoriesEdit

One day Emo Bob wanted watch TV, but his fave show Twilight (I don`t even like Twilight) So he put on a race car show on. He started really liking it & then one day he layed down in the middle of his drive way, lifted his his arms & legs up & pertended he was a race car.

In the bathroom, & he fell in the toilet.

Once he let the bathroom & everyone was luaghing at him because he fly was down & his teacher Mr.Plangton was notified him.

There was a girl by his locker & she kept looking at him, she told him his shoe was untied, and he looked &  she put something on his locker & Emo Bob took it off, and he read the paper, its said, "Hi, SpongBob. Hee Hee! I was wondering if you would like to go or hang out sometime, Love Perl! ~ <3" His face had no expresion on his face,  but he was blushing.

Nothing elseEdit

There is nothing else I can say about him, but he only ikes people who wear all black like Goth people. (Just Like Me, RoxelxSorku)